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Returns, Exchanges & Cancellations

We do not entertain returns or exchanges. Almost all details about the product are mentioned on the website. We request the customer to be 100% satisfied before making the purchase. The client is encouraged to contact us through different channels mentioned on the website to know more about the product before they make a purchase decision. Unique and fragile nature of our products makes it important to have a strict no exchange or return policy.


  1. Return/Exchange Policy for delivery within India

The goods can only be exchanged or returned in case they get damaged during transit from us to the customer and this information is provided by the customer to us within 2 days on Whatsapp number +919636271245. After being satisfied that the damage happened during the transit we will either do a repair/exchange or a return whichever is an acceptable solution by our team.


  1. Return/Exchange Policy for delivery outside India

For sales outside India, each product exported is insured for damage. There is strict no return or exchange policy for sales outside India and in case of damage, insurance company will take care of the damages after being satisfied according to their terms & conditions. The customer has to inform us about the damage according to the rules of insurance policy chosen by them. This could be within 24 hours or maximum 48 hours of receiving the product on whatsapp number +919636271245.



In case of damaged goods, Beyond Square & Ethnic Art Gallery has complete discretion whether the product needs to be repaired, exchanged or the amount has to be refunded after the product has been returned safely.

In case return & refund of product is approved by our team, the customer is responsible for getting the product packed at their end. We will use our own service provider to ship back the product to us & bear the cost. The product will have to be picked up for exchange or refund from the address of delivery only. The refund will be processed only after the product is returned to us without any further damage within 10-12 business days. As mentioned above, return of products is not possible for deliveries outside India.



  • Products cannot be returned on grounds of color, choice or handwork. There will always be a variation in color of products seen on different computer monitors and different phones.
  • We do not accept returns on specially ordered and customized items under any circumstances since all items have been customized as per your request and post your approval.
  • All items to be returned or exchanged must be unused, unwashed and undamaged by you.



We do not entertain cancellation or modification of order immediately after it is placed. There will be no cash or online payment refund for cancellation of order.

Ownership of our product shall not pass to the customer until paid for in full.

  • Silver – As a metal & its maintenance

Silver products cannot be returned or exchanged for silver tarnishing. All pure silver clad on teak wood products have an anti-tarnish coating on them. This delays oxidation. Silver will oxidize in future as it is a property of the metal. To maintain it we offer maintenance services at an additional cost within India only. We don’t offer polishing & maintenance services for silver products shipped outside India.

In case you want to maintain the silver products at your end please inform us not to put the anti-tarnish coating on the product which is to be shipped to you. This would lead to quicker tarnishing of silver products but they can be then easily polished at your end by polishes suggested by us & readily available in market.

However, we take no responsibility of damage if the product is being maintained at your end by using different polishing materials or any improper use of the suggested polishes.

  • Pichwai – A painting on cloth

Hang pichwais away from direct sunlight & heaters. Minor discoloration over the years is normal. Pichwai ships rolled in a tube. One can frame it at their end.


Note: Beyond Square hold full rights to reproduce the same products/pichwais & paintings bought by customers for further sales.

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