Silver Annapakshi

Material: Pure Silver Clad on Teak Wood

Size (LxBxH): 16 x 6 x 14 inches

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The Sanskrit word ‘Annapakshi’, or divine swan, refers to a mythical bird that has been revered in India for centuries. Legend has it, that the beautiful white bird flew to earth from heaven. Known for its purity, the Rigveda states that the Annapakshi has the ability to separate pure milk from a solution of milk and water. Also known for its divinity and beauty, the annapakshi is often found carved in ancient temples. It is believed that the bird has the wisdom to choose truth over falsehood, virtue over sin and real over make-believe.

This exquisite Annapakshi has been handcrafted using teak wood and is entirely covered in 99% pure silver sheet.

Silver-Pure silver tarnishes/oxidizes.
We can suggest silver polishes for maintenance.
For putting an anti Tarnish coating on the product please inform us immediately after placing the order.